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As the number of children being diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders rise annually, access to dental care becomes increasingly difficult for children and adults of this demographic.

When treating children and adults with special needs, taking the time to establish a trusting relationship between the dental team, caregiver, and patient becomes the initial focus to be successful. Behaviour management is an essential component of the dental appointment.


Jodie Margolis is on a mission to teach dental professionals and their teams how to take special needs children from Trepidation to Trust™.

Jodie Margolis, CDA

Jodie is a pediatric and special needs dental assistant interacting with children, young adults, and families for over 36 years. Her demeanor with the children and their parents/caregivers helps them find comfort and even laughter during what could otherwise be considered a stressful time.


Over the years, she has developed strategies to ease the fears of child, parent/caregiver as well as the collective dental team with the intent to build long-term trusting relationships.

Remain calm, consistent and clever.


Trepidation to Trust™

Trepidation to Trust™ is a comprehensive look into the challenges faced by children and families with special needs when it comes to a dental visit.  Along with concrete strategies to navigate a dental appointment with respect and empathy, you will hear from courageous patients with Autism and Gilles de la Tourettes.

Without a doubt, this seminar will leave you prepared to begin your journey guiding patients with special needs from Trepidation to Trust™.

Hop Up You Know the Drill™

Hop up, you know the drill is a light and anecdotal seminar that leaves you with many strategies to effectively deal with the “terrified child”, “the gagger”, “the apprehensive parent” and many more day-to-day challenges that one could face while working in a dental office. (These strategies are not limited to dental offices).

Coaching Program:
7 Steps to Forever ™

As the number of children being diagnosed with autism increases exponentially, accessibility to dental treatment at a specialized clinic is extremely limited, this leads to a breakdown in oral health among this demographic leading to invasive dental treatments. Utilizing a holistic approach, this 7-step program aims to encourage early intervention, educate caregivers to the importance of dental visits as well as oral hygiene education, familiarize and desensitize the patient and prepare them to accept a lifetime of preventive dental appointments.

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